What Is Jun Kombucha

Jun Kombucha is a healthier, finer and crispier variety of Kombucha. It is crafted by fermenting tea and honey rather than sugar (as in regular Kombucha) with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). The Jun SCOBY is a distinct combination of living yeasts and good bacteria adopted to feed on honey and work with its antimicrobial properties. The result of this fermentation is delicious brew low in sugar and caffeine. It is an effective probiotic and prebiotic containing live enzymes, amino acids and loads of B vitamins. Due to its delicate taste and high-quality ingredients Jun is often referred to as the Champagne of Kombuchas.

Our Jun is brewed with the best quality organic ingredients that have not been pasteurized to preserve all the healing powers and goodness of this miracle drink.


Our Jun is brewed with filtered water that goes through several filtration steps to remove chlorine, lead, chloramines, pesticides, sulfate, nitrates, disease-causing organisms and most chemical contaminants.


We gently steep the highest quality organic loose leaves of gunpowder, sencha and other exotic teas sustainably sourced. Tea is the powerful source of antioxidants that prevents aging, reduces stress, fights breast cancer, improves memory, and cures digestive disorders.


The key ingredient in Jun – honey contains minerals, B vitamins and nine essential amino acids. It is the oldest remedy for colds, ulcers, infections, high blood pressure and much more. We use raw unprocessed 100% organic bio honey collected by honeybees that provides uncompromising taste and health benefits.


Jun SCOBY culture is the magician responsible for turning tea and honey into a delicious brew. For many, Jun tea is more than a potent probiotic tonic. Monks in the Himalayas are said to have brewed it for over 1,000 years as a spiritual elixir that aids enlightenment.

Fruit and Botanicals

To create our unique flavors we infuse our Jun with herbs, add cold-pressed organic juice and botanicals. Our herbs, fruits and botanicals are all sourced from organic farms. Each flavored bottle contains at least 90% of pure Jun. enlightenment.